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About This Blog & Content Policy 

Hi, I'm Cindy.....


Melmac Central started as my RetroChalet blog, in December 2010 as a form of stress relief writing about what I love...plastic fantastic. My mom was battling colo-rectal cancer and so I began writing to keep my mind occupied.  I collected melmac since I was 18 and over time studied much about it, writing several articles and growing the largest Russel Wright plastic collection out there. 

Some of my best childhood times with Mom were spent cooking in our kitchen with our melmac bowls!  Mom beat color rectal but after a complication died in the hospital. This blog kept me sane during a rough time. It's proven to be a good resource for collectors and melmac lovers. Thanks to you, I've had over a half million visitors and heard some great stories and I appreciate all the nice comments and shares.

 Content Policy 

The content policy is all my own, I choose what I like and write about it. I cite my sources and encourage you to share my blog and it's photos to social media. If you are writing your own article do not copy my text, thoughts or ideas without proper crediting me and LINKING to my site. It took a lot of blood, sweat, time and tears to do this research.

Quality Content

If you have something to add to the content or I've made an error, my site shows dead links or photos, please let me know. Over time people's website disappear and the sources I've cited are gobbled up by the www evolving.  Please report all broken links to me at RetroChalet AT icloud.com so I can clean them up email or text 4109089241 and let me know what article you're reading.

Earnings Disclaimer

I use Google adsense ads on my blog and sometimes,not often, I feature sponsored links within my blog or on the side in the form of an avatar, wherein if you click on these ads and or links I may receive some form of financial compensation for it or for having advertised the store or shop. I also advertise my own items from my  RetroChalet etsy shop (a girl has to eat right?) in case you'll find something you love :).


I have been collecting Russel Wright Melmac and Melamine since I was 18, having my first apartment and being forced to shop at thrift stores. I'm soon to be 44 now. I suppose it all started there, and I've been a serious plastics researcher ever since.   I loaded up my collection when in Baltimore, but recently in 2016 changed my lifestyle to the mountains of West Virginia. Now I will be downsizing my collection!

I did a lot of research work on Russel Wright plastics, in hopes to write a book, which has not ever materialized due to lack of time.   Some of my collection has been shown in the   San Francisco Airport Museum  featured in the Russel Wright Exhibit March-October 2009. 
I was interviewed by the Newark-Arcadia Historical Society in regards to my research on Home Decorators, and featured in the Newark Courier Gazette (NY). 

Then I was featured in Wisconsin, Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter interviewed extensively by Marge Miley, one of my favorite reporters who has since passed. (Archived.) 

Here's a great article on Melmac I wrote: 

HobbyLark: Collecting-Melmac-Dinnerware-Vintage-Fun

Some of my Russel Wright collection was photographed here in this book: 


The Blog Has Achieved Success Thanks to Blogs Like Yours! We have over tons of links from sites all over the world!  I so do appreciate the early mentions who got us noticed. 

Three Old Keys  December 2010.

Junk and HoweFebruary 2011
 The Vintage List   October 2011  
Woo Woo TeaCup Journal January 2012
Dave Lucas Blog    April 2012 
North Jersey.com March 2013 THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT ! 
C. Dianne Zweig March 2013
Skulls and Chocolate September 2013
The Thrift Collective November 2013

In December 2013, my blog turned three with almost a quarter of million visitors. By 2016 I had over a half million visitors, now I'm on my way to making 1 million visitors! I am so glad to share my love for plastics with you!

I'm pleased that people love Melmac and Melamine as much as me. I want you to know I put my heart into every post and control 100% of the content on this blog and keep it real , finding only the best deals and writing about what I love.   I would rather post less frequent and have it filled with good information. 

This is all free information from me to you, and when you can please visit my Etsy shop RETROCHALET to purchase something to help keep the domain MelmacCentral.com free!  

.........Happy Collecting~!  Muah! xoxox
Cindy Fahnestock Schafer

Personally Connect with me: 
WhatsApp (find me by phone above) 410 908 9241



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